Lucky To Be Unlucky

400 trillion to one are the odds of you becoming a human being. So before you get up & scream that luck doesn’t matter, know that you lucked out just by being born. 90% of your personality was developed by the age of five. So the next time you beat your chest about how awesome you are, know that you had nothing to do with it.

As life plays out, luck begins to lose relevance. Oddly, if you’ve had it tough in life, you’re already ahead of anyone who’s had it easy. When you’ve had it tough, your perspective on life is different. What others see as challenges, you see as just another day at the office.

Obviously, immigrants are leading the biggest companies in the world. Obviously, all of these billionaires are self-made. That chip you carry on your shoulder is your biggest asset. Weirdly, you’re lucky to be unlucky.

Why do we then obsess over luck? We’ve all been there. Every time I’ve won, I was the genius. On the flip side, when I’ve lost, it’s because I was unlucky. It’s easy to blame luck when things go wrong. Why take responsibility when you can just blame luck. Plus, luck doesn’t fight back.

“Life is like a game of poker, you have to play the hand you’re dealt. A wise player can play a weak hand and win the game.” 

– Rick Warren

Only when we understand this reality, can we stop obsessing over luck. We can then focus our energy on controlling the outcome. Suddenly, luck doesn’t matter anymore.

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