Father Of All Things Apple

Shibani is a foodie from Bombay. As guest writer, she takes on the daunting task of dissecting the mind of Steve Jobs. What’s more? She’s all of nineteen.

To be a complete being, it’s important to be you and exactly you –  the good, the bad and the ugly. While I don’t believe in blindly idolising a person or even idealism, I’m going to make an exception!

“Keep in mind that you’ll be dead soon. Let this thought motivate you and fuel your flame.” – Steve Jobs

The first person that rings a bell when I think of entrepreneurship is the largely admired Steve Jobs. He had a brilliance that only a few can aspire to have. His successful entrepreneurship is mirrored in some of his mind boggling beliefs and habits. Jobs was popularly known to wear a black polo neck t-shirt everyday. He believed that choosing clothes was a waste of time. His absolute concentration and priority had a rock solid foundation. Often we lose focus of what’s important and sidetracked by the superficial things.

Another important thing Jobs practiced was the art of learning. Being a college dropout did not deter him from learning. He in fact executed the process with precision. He learned to learn, not to get a degree. He did it for the love of it.

An example of him being a winner is when he began NEXT right after being thrown out of his own company. Few have the ability to stand up after being pushed down. The setting up of PIXAR is another example for the above.

Perfection, whether rain or shine was Jobs’ forte. On his journey to idealism of product, Jobs has been known to frustrate his co-workers to a point of insanity. He was an extremely motivated man and knew what he wanted. And quite often, that’s the greatly desired key to success.

These qualities make you wonder and stand stark in your face. They hammer the realisation of how ordinary you might just be. Uniqueness is something that we must look for within ourselves and expose every bit of that craziness that we conceal so carefully from the big bad world.

Most importantly, I’m going to repeat the century old sermon. Put all your energy into your passion. That’s what all these great businessmen have been achieving.

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