Insecurities Of A 20-Something Entrepreneur

At infive, we’ve built a great product that solves a real problem, backed by a great story. At least that’s what we believe. Unfortunately for us, we could be wrong.

My name is Anuj & I’m building a lifestyle brand called infive. While my journey has been brief, the learnings & experiences have been real.

Before my journey began, I had created an imaginary battle in my mind – It was going to be me against the world. I refused to ask for help. Can you believe the arrogance? Somewhere along the line, I realised the value of people.

Early on, I was building a company to get funded. I began reverse engineering what investors want & built that into my company. It’s easy to be swayed by the glitz & glamour of the startup ecosystem. Five minutes into my 1st pitch to an investor, I had my reality check. In my gut, I knew I was doing it for the wrong reasons. Then, I began reverse engineering what my customers want & built that into my products.

In my days as a Financial Analyst, I would work ridiculously long hours. Building a business was going to be my way out. I was going to be my own boss & decide my own hours. Boy, I was wrong! Building a business is a 24*7 job. But if you’re passionate about your mission, pumping in hours is easy.

“Entrepreneurship means challenging status quo at the risk of being a genius or absolutely delusional.”

Being 20-something, I’ve been wrong more than I have been right. In a world where being vulnerable is not an option, “Insecurities Of A 20-Something Entrepreneur” is an effort to embrace my vulnerabilities.

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