Not Just Another Soap Brand

I’m building a men’s grooming brand called infive. We create products to help men get in & out of the shower in five minutes.

Our Story

Not too long ago, I came across a large brand selling an eye cream for men. Can you believe it? An eye cream for men! Imagine you’re over at your best friend’s & you spot an eye cream in his closet. Boy, is he in trouble! Surely a large brand would know that. Look closely & you realise that these brands are primarily feminine brands offering men’s products as an afterthought. Are we just buying feminine products with masculine colours & feels?

Every time I would walk into a store, I would be bombarded with hundreds of products. Products that promised the world. Products that promised way more than what they delivered. Enough with the gimmicks!

If only there was a product that just works. Not able find it, I decided to build it.

Why infive?

In a casual WhatsApp conversation, a friend of mine suggested the name “infive”. In an instant, I was sold. We would create products to help men get in & out of the shower in five minutes. With a name like that, we’d be forced to stay committed to our philosophy. Unless we decided to change our name, we could never create products that aren’t necessary.

“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.” – Chris Sacca.

What followed can only be described as madness, probably the greatest experience of my life. But that’s a story for another day.

Cut to May, 2017 – we shipped our 1st order. Most importantly, I’ve found a product that works.

P.S: If you ever see us sell an eye cream, call our bluff!

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